Pre-/Post-Condition Inspections

Geotech conducts Pre-Condition Inspections to document the visible condition of structures prior to construction, whether it be blasting, pile driving, excavation, demolition or general construction.  These inspections provide vital documentation of the existing conditions in the event complaints, or claims arise.

On-Site Monitoring

Pile driving, shoring, excavation, or blast monitoring are just some of the on-site services Geotech preforms daily.  Personnel are OSHA trained, HAZWOPPER certified, MTA, Metro North, Amtrack, and LIRR Track certified.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is a cost affective way of monitoring multiple types of instrumentation on your projects.  Vibration, settlement, optical, tiltmeters, crackmeters, strain gages, and inclinometer monitoring are all available to be remotely monitored.

Geotechnical Monitoring

From monitoring your shoring support system, slope stabilty, underpinning activites, to tower erection, tunneling and demolition, Geotech has you covered.

Noise Monitoring

Noise mitigation, compliance, testing, and equipment certification.

Dust Monitoring

Remotely monitor dust particles volume created by truck traffic, construction activities, blasting, and weather conditions.